Honey Died RIP (16.09.1995-10.06.2008)

Honey was my ex-girlfriend’s Chinese crested hairless that I used to spend my days with when my ex and I were together.

At first, I wasn’t so keen on the dog, but I think I had West Nile and she crawled into bed with me. I was better the next day. It turns out that hairless dogs have a reputation for healing properties and are called “fever dogs”. After that incident, I began to really like “nurse Honey”.

We used to go on long walks and chase squirrels. She was one of the closest things I had to having a child. I have loads of good memories of Honey. we spent loads of time together. It was then that I began to love the Chinese Crested breed. Honey was the first dog to go pretty much everywhere with me, including court!

I remember the time I was cleaning the house and Honey disappeared. I am not sure where she went, but I became really worried when she wouldn’t come out. I thought she had escaped the house. Virginia came home and Honey reappeared.

Honey also used to go upstairs to the TV room after dinner and wait for us. It was funny how she would do that.

It was tough when we broke up, but I made sure I had another dog as soon as was possible. Honey was pretty unhappy when the time came that she had to leave as well. I mean, it’s tough to lose a constant companion. I wanted another dog to fill that hole in my life. Honey was alone during the days since Virginia had to work.

It has been almost 5 years since I last saw Honey, but I have pictures and memories of her. Hearing she wasn’t well was a bit of a foreboding. Honey’s mom told me that Honey had congestive heart failure and couldn’t be put under anaesthesia a couple of days back. Last night, I pulled Laci close to me “for Honey”. Then, I get the news that Honey had died.

Sure, it was someone I hadn’t seen in a while, but it was someone I was close to. It was that type of feeling.

I know that my time with Laci will be too short, even if Laci lives for 20 years. I will be very broken up by Laci’s passing since I don’t think I can ever prepare for the loss of a dear dear friend.

I mean I am broken up about Honey and I haven’t seen her in nearly 5 years. I still have the memories and the pictures, but I don’t have the dog. But, Honey hasn’t physically been in my life since May 2003.

I’d hate to think how I am going to feel about losing a dog who is a real part of my life the way Laci is.

Goodbye, Honey, we miss you!

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