An arrest.

OK, yesterday I said there would be an arrest in the Rian Thal case by the 7th. Well it turns out, the first arrest happened today. It was Thal’s neighbour, Katoya Jones. Jones wasn’t a major player in the murders, but she is a link.

So, I still say that the big arrest will happen in the next week.

Here is some of the surveillance video:

View more news videos at:

I’ve heard there is some better video out there, including the acutal shooting. Not sure if that is the old rumour mill though. But that would be the final wrap on their nooses.

Still, these clowns should have just left their tags for all it mattered.

For those of you who are no in the know, CCTV is the upcoming crime fighting tool. I’ve already had one client have to admit after video footage showed him doing what he was “alleged” to have done. Britain is notorious for its use of CCTV. Sure, at this point, crime hasn’t fallen significantly, but that is a matter of time.

The criminal “mind” takes a while to realise that it is being outfoxed. Also, it is dependant on its belief that there is a “get out of jail free” card.

So, these crims can do their shooting and not realise they are on candid camera, which will be only one factor in their conviction. You can be sure Katoya Jones will be cooperative once she becomes aware of the implications of her actions. Add in the prints of the one perp who is sitting on that chest. There are also several witnesses to this from just watching the surveillance tape.

BTW, there is another rumour floating around that the one “associate” who made off the the duffle bag was carrying 10 kilos of coke and even more money. As is wont, there was enough money and drugs left to show that the people who were killed were drug dealers.

I feel sorry for Rian Thal, but crime just doesn’t pay. There is really no quick way to make money: but my posts on avarice are another thing.

Posted 03/07/2009 by lacithedog in CCTV

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