More talking heads

I have always thought Daljit Dhaliwal was HOT!!! from the first time I saw her. There is just something about her that is really cute and appealing Zeinab is a bit too cold. Mishal is nice. But I see Daljit and the Bonzo Dog Band’s Kama Sutra starts playing in my mind.

Even on her off days, I’d want to rip off her clothes.

Hey, Daljit, why don’t you let me make you a nice cup of masala chai and rub your back? You look like you need that.

Mishal Husain is OK, but she just doesn’t have Daljit’s warmth (or should I say heat?).

I mean Mishal Husain reads the news, but Dhaljit makes it feel as if she is giving you a personal invite to a private tour of the Khajuraho Temples.

Now, talk about an offer you can’t refuse…

Daljit do you like “the congress of a cow”?

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