Assault weapons ban and Mexican drug gang guns

I have to admit to mixed feelings from reading a post at Mexico’s Drug War that rips the assault weapons ban and reinstating it to stop Mexican gang from acquiring firepower.

She states she isn’t a firearms expert, which gives me a bit of an advantage over her.

I have to agree her that the Assault Weapons Ban was pretty effete. Personally, I think assault weapons should be regulated as machineguns. Although, it is way too late for that to happen.

She also points out the availability of parts kits and building assault weapons with those kits. Good point for somebody who isn’t a firearms expert. Of course, one could just as well build a gun from scratch as use a parts kit.

Sylvia also has a great article on the The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S. where she says that presents a “misleading and inaccurate picture of the weapons trafficking problem that ultimately does a great disservice to the agencies that actively work southbound weapons trafficking issues.”

Sylvia points out “bottom line, between non-assault weapons, legal parts kits, and the straw purchase method, renewing the assault weapons ban – or enacting other types of gun control laws – would serve more as window dressing than an actual deterrent to the southbound flow of guns.”

I guess I have to agree with her: the Assault Wepons Ban needs to be much tougher. Although, I disagree about the blanket statement about other types of gun control as a deterrent. The weak laws that get on the books won’t stop dick, but registration, purchase limits and reporting stolen weapons do work as a deterrent.

But how likely is any form of gun control or serious assault weapons legislation to happen?

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