Yeah, I’m a masochist

I have to admit to watching episode 2 of Paradox out of some weird curiosity after trashing it in my Paradox Review. Strangely enough, I did a piece about it starring Tamzin Outhwaite where I made the comment that “I am not sure how that (having T.O. as the star) bodes”.

I told myself that if it became too transparent as to what was going to happen, that I would watch something else. But, this time the plot was a little more thrilling. Episode 2 was better than one was, but that wasn’t hard. First off, there is a bit more plot development.

We encounter the spooks at the end of episode 1 who make Tamzin and crew sign the Official Secrets Act, which means they can’t talk about what they did. Well, the spooks are making all sorts of ominous comments about the first time being just chance in Episode 2. Also, the surly scientist is beginning to warm up to the crew. This makes you wonder if the mysterious downloads of future events are that mysterious after all.

Can your curiousity over come Tamzin Outhwaite’s bad acting? Or do you think she is that hot a babe that it is worth watching her no matter how bad she is at acting? How curious are you about the prospect of something exciting happening?

British TV has made quite a bit out of time travel: Dr. Who, Catweazle, Timeslip, Sapphire & Steel, Crime Traveller, Torchwood (An anagram of Dr. Who), Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars. Remember that Dr. Who is mentioned in theGuinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world. So, add in mysteries (something else that is over-represented in British TV) and hey presto you have more fodder for scripts! Although, I have a hard time with imagining anythiing with Outhwaite as the star lasting that long.

On the other hand, I was told that you have to grab the audience’s eye early on to make your story sell. Perhaps they are hoping that Tamzin will grab the viewer’s eye. She might grab mine if she had a more pleasant face. On the other hand, I think about getting a blow job from a piranha when I look at Outhwaite. She’d have to have a lot more jiggle than she shows in this to be a turn on even if we were in a position where I didn’t have to look at her face.

Although, thinking about it we have the prospect of some seriously unpleasant fake lovemaking in this series. Tamzin’s surly cop bonking the surly scientist. I’m just imagining that pair trying to manage a post-coital smile makes me think of Lurch in the Addams family. It’s even more of a stretch to imagine them having any fun (especially since we see Outhwaite break up from her boyfriend and fellow team mate after spending the night with him at the start of Episode 2).

Well, the Beeb has commissioned 5 episodes in the hope that this show will keep up its 4.13m (16.3%) for the next three episodes. Well, Red Cap made two seasons which means there’s hope for this one.

editorial comment: I originally said that Red Cap had three seasons, which was incorrect. They were just so bad it seemed like it lasted forever.

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