Paradoxical paranoia

Yes, I must be mad since I am still watching this, but it is addictive in a strange way (not Strangeways which is a Prison in Manchester). For some reason the show’s producers hook you in with titilation about something to do with the MoD. There is a clip, which unfortunately is only available in the UK, where Christian, the Scientist, and DI Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite) discuss the fact that the source of the images may be the Prometheus Satellite with hints that the MoD is behind it all.

For some reason, conspiracy theories are taking over BBC Sci-Fi. The 2008 remake of Survivors is terrible because it hints at secret labs and black helicopters starting the plague. Add in that it happened as the media were whipping up hysteria about H1N1 when it came out. The problem is that the original series had the plague run amok, rather than be controlled by evil government (big business?) scientists. That makes the remake seem really bad along with the fact that the show collapses a lot of the story lines within the original series. Not to mention Talfryn Thomas played Tom Price in the original as a bit of a clown whereas Max Beesley’s Tom Price is an armed robber.

But that’s an aside that I wanted to get off my chest since the “evil MoD” aspect is contrasted with these images could be a message from God. Not sure what message God is trying to convey here, but…

We are seeing the surly scientist being a bit more helpful, but still off in his own world while the three cops try to figure out what exactly is going on here. This is a truly complicated puzzle that only having a good scriptwriter could make work (somebody find a good scriptwriter–pronto). To be honest, this is not a show you can just start watching since you need to come at the plotline from the beginning. Sorry, no spoilers for you, but plot lines run like the images from the future and blend in to make this a bit confusing. One plotline will go through at least three episodes (we have had images of the future on this in the form of the previews at the end of the show).

This might be one show that having a US remake might make a bit more comprehensible. And if I am saying a US remake could make this bearable, this sucker is baaaaaad.

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