The New Survivors

I’ve Mentioned the original Terry Nation Series before along with the remake. The original version is one of my fav programmes of all time since I fantasise about living in that world in my more misanthropic moments.

Anyway, the Beeb has begun to run the Second Series of the remake. I have to admit a curiousity since they left the first series as a cliff hanger. Not that it was a really exciting cliff hanger, but it did have me curious as to what was happening. I would have been screaming at Tom Price for wasting ammo as he shot in Derek’s direction (“you don’t have a good shot, dimbo”). But this Tom Price is supposed to be sociopathic.


I like how the site boasts an interview with the creator of Survivors: No, not Terry Nation–Adrian Hodges.

Hodges didn’t create Survivors, he made a crappy remake of the series. Series two is total crap with no continuity between the two seasons (what happened to Derek?). And, yes, it is an evil pharmceutical firm that caused the “plague”.

Give me a break.


Posted 13/01/2010 by lacithedog in BBC, Survivors, Terry Nation

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