Maybe the Irish aren’t as dumb as we think they are

The Boomtown Rats came out with the Song “I don’t like Mondays” back in 1979 as a reaction to the mass shooting perpetrated by Brenda Spencer’s at the Grover Cleveland Elementary School. I mentioned this in a previous post When will the US wise up? after the Virginia Tech Shootings in 2007. It’s been over 31 years and gun laws in the US are getting weaker, not stronger.

The Irish Times has done it again by publishing an article Love affair with firearms won’t be quelled by mere statistics. Amazingly enough, this article raises the issues and asks all the questions which US MSM fails to address.

Not that the US media is totally ignorant of this since one can find How the NRA Rewrote the Constitution and Gun Control, the NRA and the Second Amendment. The dissent in DC v. Heller has kept the civic interpretation of the Second Amendment alive, maybe not well, but alive.

So, why does one have to leave the US to find and understanding of the Second Amendment? Especially amongst US high court Judges?

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