WordPress v. Blogger

Well, my main goal of getting rid of the unwanted comments has been achieved by this move.

That and the publication of the ISP info of a couple of the people who didn’t get the message that I didn’t want to hear from them helped in achieving that goal.

This has meant that the comments page is rather bare, but any comments which exist in it are ones that are worth my time. I’d rather have intelligent comments than people wasting my time. Quality is far more important to me than quantity.

Another interesting development is that my tags turn up posts from other bloggers with similar interest. I mentioned the BBC Documentary, The Virtual Revolution in a previous post. In particular, the episode The Cost of Free where they discuss how the internet can be used to link up with people of similar interests. Dr Aleks Krotoski uses the examples of Amazon.com and Netflix for how your previous purchases and interests can be used to guide you to other products which may be of interest.

So, the category “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” in this post will link me up to other people who write about that series (the radio version was the best). Likewise, the category “Tony the Weasel” will find me other people who refer to Tony Blair as such. At this point, it seems that I have a monopoly on it, but I hope more people will use it in future.

And I meet them!

Which gets me to the topic of the Channel 4 Programme, The Trial of Tony Blair, which was mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately, other than a short clip and some excerpts on youtube, this programme is unavailable “through legal channels”. For that, read that there is no official DVD or some such. On the other hand, it is available via Torrent Download. That means the question is whether to try to download it as a torrent just to see the programme.

I do have to admit an interest in the programme since it has become incredibly topical with the Iraq Inquiry, George Monbiot ‘s bounty on Blair and such. Could there be a US version in the future featuring George Bush on the dock?

Anyway, I would like to meet interesting and intelligent folk. The move may provide me with that goal, which makes any frustrations (lack of media transfer) worth the time it takes to learn how to compensate for them.

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