OK, It seems that the Beeb has decided that they want to cut off the streaming of some of its programmes using third-party software according to the get_iplayer site. Again, it’s the DRM bullshit. Unfortunately, this change is hurting the folk who have poor reception amongst others.

Also, it seems that get_iplayer is no longer being supported: or is downloadable. The developer does not want to upset the Beeb.

Of course, the official iPlayer is still out there, but I have loads of problems with it. The main one being that it only works on my computer. Also, the Digital Rights Management system is sheer crap. To be honest, it won’t take too long until someone figures out how to crack it.

The plus for the official version is that it has really super resolution. The down is that it is really limited in its use: takes forever to download, isn’t portable, deletes after a certain time period, and so on. The forever to download is the real bite to me: especially if I am watching the news in real-time. It’s the usual crap you get when you’re streaming a video using flash: watch for a few seconds, stop & buffer, watch for a few seconds, stop & buffer, watch for a few seconds, stop & buffer, watch for a few seconds, stop & buffer, and so on until you turn off the programme.

I’m not paying licence fees for that crap!

Baldrick has a cunning plan to rip up your back garden!

The fact is that the Beeb is becoming like ITV and channel four, which is another related rant.  Both of these services make it impossible to watch streams on anything other than a computer.  Not that I am much of a fan of the commercial services since they usually dish up pure crap (unlike the Beeb that dishes up some crap).

But, sometimes the pay services have really neat programmes such as Channel 4’s Time Team hosted by Tony Robinson (whom most people in the US know as Baldric from the Blackadder Series). It’s a brilliant series and the people at Channel 4 have all the episodes available on 4oD. The problem is that you have to stream them to a computer. The ninnies have a few DVDs of the “Best of” Time Team, but that ends up being about 24 out of 140 some odd shows.

I think The Discovery Channel in the rebroadcast the series in the US (I know UK Discovery Channel broadcast it).  PBS in the States has a version of Time Team (Time Team America), but somehow it just isn’t the same.  Maybe there’s more history lying around in the UK, or maybe people in the UK are such media whores that they will allow three days for  the Time team crew to rip up their back gardens.  I can’t really say since I haven’t seen enough of the US version to comment on it, although what I have seen gives the impression that the two programmes are similar in concept and different in execution.

Again, I’m all for history.  Personally, people in the US should take far more interest in their history than they do.  Lots of things are torn down in the US without proper archaeological surveys being done: although the UK series shows it’s never too late to dig.

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