Mike W. and Weer’d Beard, you have been repeatedly requested not to post comments here.

Unfortunately, you did not understand this request and I am making it in plain English.

Any futher contact here will be considered harassment and dealt with appropriately.

Also, Please read and note my comments policy since by posting comments here you have agreed to this policy:

Truly obnoxious fucks will find their personal info posted on this board: up to photographs, home addresses, and phone numbers. I can find this information through your IP address which WordPress provides along with other useful information that can be used to find you when you post your comment.

By posting here, you are agreeing to these terms.

These terms have been changed to add the option of my contacting law enforcement.

Your IP address is
Your ISP is PaeTec Communications Inc.
Their abuse line is abuse@paetec.com

Any further comments posted here will also be reported to your ISP.


Posted 17/03/2010 by lacithedog in Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Harassment

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