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From my iPlayer category, I learned about a series called The Great Offices of State about the Home Office, Foreign Office and Treasury from Joshinomics. I passed on that I thought that Getting Our Way about British Diplomacy was also another fantastic series.

I’m not sure how I missed seeing The Great Offices of State, but I hope that such treasures don’t escape my attention.

As I said before, I wanted to link up with other iPlayer users especially now that the Beeb is trying to tighten up its control on programmes. We’ll see how that works since Great Britain has the largest population of video pirates on the planet!

Not really WordPress related, but American Creation has an intriguing post titled that John Calvin Taught Rebellion to Tyrants is DISOBEDIENCE to God that interests me. There are two thoughts about the War for American Independence and the protestant movement, which would be the Calvinist this post mentions, and the Anglo-Presbyterian view, which teaches that God is the highest law. This view was expressed by the Scottish Covenanters. And gets me into this article Scottish Factors and the Origins of the Second Amendment which I need to reread since these will provide interesting fodder for thought and a possible post.

As another person said, the insurrection myth of the Second Amendment comes from the Scots-Irish line of the American mind. The Covenanter view of the world would make that seem logical for the genesis of that myth. Not sure if I believe it, but as I said, it is a possibility for inquiry.

Anyway, the Bit Torrent thing is very weird to me since it can take forever for a file to download, or they can download fairly rapidly if they are popular. amazingly enough, The Great Offices of State downloaded fairly rapidly with over 40 users on at a time while The Trial of Tony Blair took forever. The best torrent though seems to be ” AERYN The Trial of Tony Blair avi” for those who are interested in seeing the programme.


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