Neat stuff on the BBC for Microdot (and anyone else who might be interested)

There are a couple of programmes about Motown. The first of which, Requiem for Detroit, I’ve already mentioned to him. Detroit is the City that committed suicide since the automobile both made and broke Detroit. This is the story of the city’s transformation where streets are being turned to art. Farming is coming back to the centre of the city. Young people are flocking to help. The burgeoning urban agricultural movement is the fastest growing movement in the US. Detroit leads the way again but in a very different direction.

The next one, Motor City’s Burning: Detroit from Motown to the Stooges, is about the Detroit music scene and features my former Varsity Day Camp Counsellor, Jim Osterburg! This will be more of a blast from the past for Microdot than me.

Blues Britannia: Can Blue Men Sing the Whites? has nothing to do with Detroit, but it is interesting to see old British Bluesmen, Keith Richards, Paul Jones, Chris Dreja, Bill Wyman, Phil May, John Mayall, Jack Bruce, Mick Fleetwood, Ian Anderson, Tony McPhee, Mike Vernon, Tom McGuinness, Mick Abrahams, Dick Taylor, Val Wilmer, Chris Barber, Pete Brown, Bob Brunning, Dave Kelly and Phil Ryan.

Keith Richards and Jack Bruce place this firmly in the horror genre!

One of the problems with the BBC programme sites is that the trailers and such are only viewable in the UK. This is a real pain if you tell someone about a programme and they can’t see some of the cool extras on the website. Case in point, the trailer for Desperate Romantics (scroll to the bottom of the page), which is the four artists walking through an art gallery to David Bowie’s “Heroes” while the paintings on the wall explode. It’s a really cool metaphor for the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

As I have said before, I would love to send these files to you, but they are way too big to send.


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