Really now…

In all this kerfuffle about the Texas Board of Education textbook nonsense, I missed the reason that they were yanking Thomas Jefferson from the book:

He was a revolutionary.

OMG, Don’t Americans call it “The Revolutionary War” rather than “the War For American Independence”? Shouldn’t that have clued these people in that old TJ was on the left end of the political spectrum? Not to mention the guy was smoking pot (he grew hemp: maybe not skunk, but…) and banging Sally Hemmings. The thought of all this gets my mind running at what other subversive activities that TJ was capable of doing which would be disapproved by Texas Board of Education!

I hope they toss in Ben Franklin while they’re at it since he brought over that professional agitator: Tom “Revolution for the Hell of it” Paine. From 1776 on, Tom “Revolution for the Hell of it” Paine could be spotted wherever he could raise hell. The French came pretty close to executing him during the terror, which would have served him right IMHO. Franklin was a notorious womaniser as well and may have visited with Jefferson to party and “see if it’s true what they say about black women”.

Maybe the Texas Board of Education will agree with this.

In fact, the Texas Board of Education should wipe all the founding fathers out of the textbook since they were revolutionaries. This would have to include John Adams who was one of the few ones that I could like since he seemed reasonable and also defended the British who were alleged to have “massacred” the Boston rioters.

I’m curious now if the Texas Board of Education will find that it’s now time to rehabilitate Benedict Arnold since he was a repentant revolutionary.

While we’re at it will Samuel Adams be rehabilitated as well with this quote?

“Rebellion against a king may be pardoned, or lightly punished, but the man who dares to rebel against the laws of a republic ought to suffer death.”

Does this also hark back to the grievance mentioned in the Declaration of Independence that “He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies”? The issue of Standing Armies was a biggie in the Anglo-American mindset back then. But, we can’t have Americans questioning this now that they are told to support our troops in one illegal war (Iraq) and the miltary budget is out of control.

That might be revolutionary!

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