The US has A Health System…FINALLY!

I don’t really need to be thrilled by it since I have health care, but I am happy for people in the US that after 90 some odd years, they finally have a health care system. This was despite trotting out the wedge issues of gun control and abortion as well. This was also dspite the fact that the lack of health care has been crippling the US economy for ages.

It seemed that extending medicaid/medicare would have made a lot of sense, but that didn’t happen. I am not sure how exactly this new system will work, but some people will be PO’d. Anyway, there is now a healthcare system.

the bugs can be worked out later.

Anyway, the one thing that sticks in my mind is something John Dingell, the longest serving US rep said: “I’ve worked on this for 55 years, and my father before me worked on it.”



Posted 22/03/2010 by lacithedog in Health care, Health Insurance

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