After all the crap that has gone down to FINALLY have some form of health insurance in the US, I read the Noam Chomsky on Healthcare and the Media post over at the FAIR blog where Chomsky says this about the Public Option for health insurance:

“It didn’t have ‘political support,’ just the support of the majority of the population,” Chomsky quipped, “which apparently is not political support in our dysfunctional democracy.”

“There should be headlines explaining why, for decades, what’s been called politically impossible is what most of the public has wanted,” Chomsky said. “There should be headlines explaining what that means about the political system and the media.”

The post refers us to this article about how the media could miss the point that there was popular support for a public option in health care. I like the quote from Julie Rovner: “the problem with healthcare is that it’s so big and so complicated that the public is never really going to understand all the moving parts of this.”

It’s that old, the US public is too stupid to understand the issues involved. Actually, more than that, the US public wouldn’t find it entertaining enough. British media at least attempts to educate the viewer. The quote from Julie Rovner affirms my belief that NPR is really just another commercial media outlet in the US. Even worse, NPR dumbs down its programmes to make them “entertaining”.

Remember THAT the next time they are having one of ther frequent fundraisers.

I have to admit my amazement that people in the US have put up with the lack of representation by their legislators, in particular where health care is concerned. I believe that there have been proposals for some form of national health insurance since Teddy Roosevelt was president, yet it has taken 100 years for some form of “health care reform” to pass.

The even more amazing part is how much not having a national health care scheme has harmed the US economy.

More of Chomsky’s comments can be read at:


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