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Lord Snooty

Oh dear, it appears that Lord Snooty is our new PM in coalition with the Lib-Dems.  On the whole, that makes a difference from having Fred Flintstone look-alike Gordon Brown running the show.  Also, it is no surprise that the change has come.

One refreshing bit from the UK election was that they spent a good deal of the time talking about what services were going to be cut. Unlike the US where they talk about cutting taxes but not really addressing the ramifications of such a policy.

So, Lord Snooty gets to be the bad guy and cut all those programmes that the British Public expects. In the mean time, Labour gets to find someone who isn’t such a cartoon troglodyte to be their leader. They have to find someone who isn’t a Tony the Weasel clone.

Next comes the US failure to consider something other than petroleum products is now coming to roost in the Gulf of Mexico. Alas, it is British Petroleum that will take the rap, even though I’ve heard the name Halliburton mentioned amongst the parties.

Somehow, offshore wind farms seem preferable to offshore drilling: especially if it means seagull burgers. Jessus, they’re like pigeons.

Then , a blip on the NYSE led to a stock market crash that made 1929 look like a mere blip in proportion. Fortunately, there was a quick recovery. Even more fortunate is that most people don’t have the attention span to catch that their live’s savings were wiped out for a short period there.

So much for “privatising” US retirements if the American public weren’t so effing ignorant.

And while we are at it, the debt crisis is still rearing its head with Greece and Portugal coming close to declaring bankruptcy. People would be surprised at how close to the edge the old economy is.

So, in the US, just mention gun control and abortion…

Elena Kagan is the potential nominee for US Supreme Court Justice. I still prefer Laci. She has been to court and regularly attends CLE classes, which seems to me to be qualifications nearly as good as Kagan’s.

Also, Kagan is a serious democratic party donor per Open Secrets.

What is it with the US Supreme Court that having proper legal knowledge and experience will now be a liability? At least the papist block seems to be ignorant, especially of the meaning of the Second Amendment.  I’m expecting the five mackeral snappers to change their robes to Jesuit red clerical robes soon.

Personally, I would like to take Justice Stevens to the Fountain of Youth and figure out how he could live forever.

And while we are on the topic of religion, it seems that there are no protestants on the Supreme Court. I am sure there were several of the Founders of the US for which this would be cause for heart attacks. Think of the New England Purtians, Scottish Covenanters, and their ilk that a close bond with Rome would make them seriously rethink some of their ideas about “independence”.  Independence from whom?

Ah, there are loads of protestants in the US maybe we can see the return of the Killing Time.

And while we are at it, it seems the Second Amendment trumps the war on terrorism. People on the Terrorist watch list are able to buy firearms in the US! Maybe they will start more mass killings and other acts that lead to a destruction of any order.

It never fails to amaze me how stupid and ignorant the American public can be.


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