Good news, Bad news

I am pleased to say that my most popular posts deal with the BBC’s iPlayer.

Even though Second Amendment posts tend to attract the most comments, but that is due to the commenters being astro-turf.  There are a lot of Second Amendment keyboard warriors out there.

But there are far more frustrated BBC licence holders out there than “gunloons”.  It’s just that the BBC is being very stupid about how they are handling iPlayer, which ends up hurting the licence holder who is screwed since they can’t get BBC Content. The BBC ranks low on customer satisfaction, especially if you consider the customers are forced to pay for programming.

As I said, the BBC should make iPlayer a subscription service and not really bother with DRM, or the regional limitations.

Get_iplayer WAS a solution to this problem, but it’s creator yanked it because of BBC’s lack of support for open source.  Forget, lack of support, the Beeb was openly hostile to get_iplayer making it impossible to download the iPlayer streams using the get_iplayer programme.   It used to be that get_iplayer would have been updated to work around this problem, but it is no longer supported by its creator.

Nevermind, there are other solutions.

One is the iPlayer Downloader, ipdl.exe.  It’s OK for downloading iPlayer streams.  It uses the old iPhone method for dowloading the material.  while the quality isn’t as nice as the HD versions that were downloaded by get_iplayer, the Beeb has improved the quality enough so that it’s like standard defintition TV.

There are people who are maintaining the get_iplayer software at this site.  The owner of this site “forked” get_iplayer, which I guess means he improved the code.  Bad news, he did it in Linux format

Then there is this workaround. It seems that rtmpdump can still be used to record iPlayer streams, but this also seems to be more complicated than I wish to deal with right now. Well, it’s not that complicated, but I have other things I want to do than toy around trying to download material from iPlayer.

On thing I do have to say is avoid Daniusoft media converter since it does not remove iPlayer’s DRM. The Daniusoft folks should get whapped for false advertising since they push their software as being able to do this.

Anyway, the nice thing about get_iplayer was that it pretty much did what you wanted. Although, as far as I am concerned it was a bit more complicated than the actual BBC iPlayer desktop. What the BBC iPlayer people need to realise is that it is extremely limited.

Personally, I want to be be able to able to use my brite view cinematube as if it were a Tivo premier. It should be able to do so since it is a UPnP device. But somehow, iPlayer won’t allow for the UPnP functionality.

Unfortunately, Britain, despite its attempts to play catch up, is pretty much behind the rest of the world. In this case, Britain still hasn’t caught on that DRM hurts far more than it helps in allowing for access to material.

I really wish the Beeb would consider making iPlayer a subscription service since it makes far more sense to me to use iPlayer than it does to get “cable” or “satellite”.

Also, please comment if you know of other methods which work for downloading BBC iPlayer material. Thank you.


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