The missing UK story…

I should note that the BBC’s messing about with iPlayer to preclude third party software access has kept me from seeing the news. There are the radio news shows, but not the TV versions.

But that is not what this is about.

The US gun loon community has been fixated with Derrick Bird’s Cumbrian shooting rampage proving something, not sure what they think it proves, but…

They missed the stabbings in Holbrook, Derbyshire where three people were stabbed to death. Perhaps three people being stabbed to death doesn’t prove their point as much as 12 plus people being shot does. Although, the gun loon community does like to point out that people will be murdered through other means if firearms aren’t available.

On the other hand, these two incidents point out one fact: a person with a firearm can achieve far more carnage than a person with any other weapon.

How many people could Derrick Bird have killed, if any, had he not had access to firearms? After all, Bird has been described as a man “who’d run away from a fight“. Did the firearm make Bird feel invincible as the Daily Mail suggests?

I am sorry, but those who dislike gun control will not be persuaded by any argument to change their point of view. If anything, they will twist reality to suit their needs.

If one researches mass shootings, one will find that there have only been three of this magnitude in the United Kingdom in 23 years (Hungerford, Dunblane, and the Cumbrian shootings). This can be compared to this partial list found at Fox News! The Fox News list mentions 13 mass shootings in an 18 year period.

The problem is indeed firearms and unrestricted access to firearms by people who shouldn’t even dream of owning them.

Unfortunately, that is a solution which appears to have been taken off the table in the US. The solutions proposed in the US for addressing gun violence aren’t on the table, they are off the wall.

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