Gross National Happiness

I mentioned in my post Inequality: The Rich-Poor Divide that was a topic which was conspicuously absent from US Media.

NPR turned that into an untrue statement today with a story about Gross National Happiness, although I would say that doesn’t specifically address the issue of inequality. The concept comes from the Buddhist nation of Bhutan and tends to be more spiritual than just economic.

The story does point out that people should respect humanity, which an unequal society does not.

The Bhutanese website mentions that without peace, security and happiness we have nothing. The problem is that this should not be seen solely as a spiritual concept. Although, if we are going to see it as a spiritual issue, we should see the US clergy weighing in on the side of equality.

Perhaps the reason that European countries are willing to countenance the inequality gap issue is because they are “Christian” nations. The US’s secular nature comes to the fore when it comes to the topic of equality and avarice. The US sees greed as good which is very evident in the deregulation of financial industries, BP oil drilling fiasco, and other topics where people’s lives mean far less than personal property.


Posted 09/06/2010 by lacithedog in Class, equality, inequality, Wealth, wedge issues

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