Solution to the Problem in the Holy Land

It’s not Palestine
It’s not Israel

It’s the Holy Land.


Because it is sacred to three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Somehow, this point has been forgotten in the name of Zionism, or creating a homeland for the Jews.

Although, savvy Jews know that since the diaspora began whenever Jews were rounded up signifies coming bad news.

Sure, the Tanakh says that Israel was the homeland for the Jews, but they left 2000 years ago. OK, a few stayed, but most of the Jews going to Israel are coming from other places. Hence Helen Thomas’s comment about “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied. And it’s their land… They (the Jewish invaders) should go home: To Germany, Poland, America, and everywhere else.”

On the other hand, There are Christians and Moslems who lived in the Holy Land and also have a claim to that land, but have been driven from their homes. Not driven off enough that one of the Islamic sacred sites, al-Aqsa mosque, has been destroyed to be replaced by a new Jewish Temple.

My solution: The Knights Templar should be revived as an ecumenical organisation to protect the Holy Land for all those who find it sacred, not just one group. Of course, that might cause great fear since the Knights Templar’s headquarters was the aforesaid al-Aqsa mosque! On the other hand, I mean a group which has the purpose of protecting the Holy Land for pilgrims of all religions.


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