George, are you asking a rhetorical question?

George Monbiot asks in his blog post: Monckton’s climate denial is a gift to those who take the science seriously

Does Viscount Monckton possess so little self-awareness that he couldn’t spot the contradiction between the standard of argument he expects of others and his own behaviour? Or does he take his followers for morons?

We know the answer is that his followers are morons. Monckton doesn’t even have the common courtesy to treat even his followers with any respect since he knows they are dim enough that they will swallow every word he spews since Monckton’s rantings bolster his follower’s idiotic opinions. They can cite Monckton’s “expertise” and “wisdom” to deny reality.

The problem is that the arguments of climate change deniers can be comforting to those who refuse to make the changes to their lifestyles which combating climate change requires. We can hope that the BP well disaster hastens the reduction in availability of petroleum products which will catch the US public unaware.

Nothing like denying reality.

Anyway, It seems that the reason why are right-whingers so obsessed with climate denialism is that most of the debate has been driven by environmental organisations and lefties for decades, while most of the denialism has been led by big corporations funding front-groups and thinktanks to save their own skin. Naturally, right-whingers would rather ignore the science and be persuaded by corporations than accept lefties are on the rational side of the argument.

I think this goes to my comment that the US definition of conservative means an idiot who is so brainwashed by big business as to believe any nonsense spewed at them if it is not something a “liberal” would believe. Thus any idiotic idea, for example ensuring that the insane, criminals, and terrrorists are ensured ready access to firearms is portrayed as a “conservative idea (which even some liberals have been forced to admit)” and an infringement of “rights”. And even though any person with any shred of intelligence would find this to be a laughable proposition, the “conservatives” in the US have accept this as gospel to be considered “true” conservatives: which means that Kenneth Clarke (specifically his comments here) and David Cameron are not conservatives by the US definition.

Likewise, liberals believe in climate change, therefore it must be a lie.


Posted 14/06/2010 by lacithedog in Climate Change, global warming

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