First Meleanie Hain, now this dickhead:

Well, it seems that an open carrying citizen was robbed at gun point in Milwaukee, WI! This citizen wishes to remain anonymous–for good reason.

Once again, I ask: Is a gun really the best method for self-protection?

The problem is that the issue is so muddied by fake stats, in particular those from Kleck and Lott, that we can’t have a serious discussion of the issue.

Additionally, the pro-gun forces don’t want laws that require reporting lost or stolen firearms.


Now, what is the first thing one does when they get robbed? They call the cops to make a report!

The “pro-gun” crowd’s reticence to support a measure such as this makes me wonder: especially when one pro-gun person says “these people have the right against self-incrimination”.

OK, I asked ATF about stolen guns when I was at USAO-DC and their response was that gun traffickers allege their guns were stolen when questioned. The pro-gunner’s comment that “these people have the right against self-incrimination” makes it seem as if the pro-gun crowd are condoning illegal gun use: if not outright encouraging it.

Another point, it is that the amount of firearms which are allegedly stolen numbers around 500,000!

That doesn’t seem very useful to me to claim that an object that is likely to be stolen and used against you is an “effective means of self-protection”. In fact, a number like that makes me wonder if having a gun in the first place makes me a target for crime. Which is the conclusion our anonymous open carrying cretin has sort of arrived at after making himself a target!

And the stupider thing is that unknown dickhead believes that concealed carry is better than open carry.

Dude, if you can’t find your gun when it’s strapped to your hip when you needed it, what makes you think you can find it if it’s hidden?

Something about your arse with both hands comes to mind here.

Our unknown open carrying dickbrain deserves open ridicule, not open carry.

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