The Klan and Guns

There is an amazing amount of disinformation out there which tries to link the Klan with gun control which is pure bullshit. So, For those people who don’t, or refuse to, see the link between the NRA and the KKK…

I’ve been wanting to put this up for some time. This is a clip from the PBS Frontline show “The War on Poverty”. The clip alleges to show a Klansman at a 1965 rally in Brandon, MS saying “Don’t you ever give up that gun. That’s all you’ve got to protect that little baby in the crib.”

Likewise, the Gun rights movement is predominantly found on the far right of the US political spectrum and has become a litmus test for the lunatic right.

Gun control= Liberal
Gun rights=conservative

(Or so they want you to believe. I hold it’s Gun control=sane and Gun rights=insane)

Anyway, here are the actual quotes from Klan websites with their sources

From the Klan membership application (

White people of all economic backgrounds are invited to work together to promote equal rights for whites. We stand for White Pride. Freedom of Speech, Law and Order, gun rights, and Christianity. It is the sworn duty of a Knight Rider to uphold the law and assist the regularly constituted authorities, at all times, in the discharge of their legal duties. We are here “To protect the home, family and race, and to exemplify a pure patriotism toward our glorious country.”

Imperial Wizard of The American Knights, Jeff Berry said in an Interview with The Ku Klux Klan: Jeff Berry found at

Liberator: Controversy sells especially if a certain spin is put on things. The media has been known to do that. I personally would respect the media more if they came right out and said, “We don’t just report the news, we make the news.”
On the issue of the Second Amendment, we all know that the media has a certain slant on guns. What is The Ku Klux Klan’s view on guns?

Berry: Have you ever heard of the Patriot’s Prayer? This is The Ku Klux Klan’s version: Give me the sense to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the weapon to make the difference. Never surrender your firearms. Without the Second Amendment, we would not have the First Amendment.

From the Platform of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan [25 October 1999]

We shall liberate our nation from these savage criminals and restore law and order to America…

* GUN CONTROL: The so-called gun control bills enacted by the government are nothing but anti-self defense laws designed to disarm law abiding White citizens. The Klan will completely restore the right of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

From a more recent copy of the Klan Platform found at

Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon

The cure for crime in America is not take guns off the streets but to put more guns ON the streets. Violent criminals should be punished, but law abiding citizens should be allowed to defend their homes, business and families with out fear of the federal government treating them as the criminal.


Fifth Era (1981-PRES): Louis Beam organizes the Texas Emergency Reserve to stop the irredentism of Vietnamese fishermen into Galveston Bay, and later formulates his strategy of paramilitary leaderless resistance. Former Green Beret Glenn Miller organizes the White Patriot Party in North Carolina, and is prosecuted by Morris Dees in 1986 on bogus weapons charges, following a government “set-up and sting” operation. With the emergence of gun control under the Clinton Administration, the Christian-Patriot movement sweeps across America, as mostly-rural whites begin to realize that our nation has been betrayed. Although the Patriots deny any connection with the Klan, and go to great lengths to prove they are not “racist” (as though that really makes a difference), they are, in fact, a rebirth of the Ku Klux spirit. They just haven’t discovered the fact, yet.

From The Imperial KnightHawks Corner (Knight Riders, Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan–Georgia, USA) cached at here


My Name Is Jesse Rogers and I am here to get the word out about one of our most precious right, The Right To Bear Arms. For those of us who may of been brainwashed by Government Controlled Schools or Entities, I will discuss and educate some of you on the 2nd Amendment and what it could mean for our country…

The KnightRiders, Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan PROUDLY Support the NRA. The KnightRiders are PROUD to Assist Law Enforcement in Criminal Activities in Neighborhoods and Towns. We Are a Non-Violent Christian Fraternal Order, All Members of the KnightRiders Are Law Abiding Citizens and Are Free of Drugs. WE, OBEY THE LAW and WE DO EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS AS WHITE CITIZENS of The United States Of America. It is NOT ILLEGAL TO BE PROUD THAT YOU ARE WHITE, always Remember that!!

Check out the links on this page: Strangely enough, Brady and other gun control groups are absent, but the NRA is there!

Then again, this Flyer entitled 10 Steps to a Better America from the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’s list of approved Flyers shows that any link between Gun Control organisations and the KKK is BULLSHIT

9) Defend Gun Rights – The plot to outlaw private gun ownership is the greatest threat to freedom in our country.
Communist gun/mind control groups like Sarah Brady, Rosie, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore and so on are the forefront of this sinister campaign. A disarmed America would be a slave state. We support the right of the non-felon to keep and bear arms. We have a crime problem in America, not a gun problem!

From The Western Massachusetts Division of The Ku Klux Klan’s Is the KKK Violent? (

We do believe the American people should be entitled to the right to defend themselves and therefore support the second amendment to the constitution which protects the right to gun ownership.

The reason our forefathers carefully included the protection of this God given right was so people would be able to protect themselves from a tyrant who would perhaps capture the reigns of government. They were not overly concerned with criminals, except for the kind who would betray the trust of the people and then rule over them unjustly. It was the despot ruling with government “authority” and with an iron heel grinding the rights of the people into the dust from which they wanted to protect the people.

They felt the best way, therefore, to protect their posterity was to insure that if they did not get a redress for their grievances they could then employ their unalienable right and “buy” back their freedom the same way they had just done. Those who live in dictatorships are not allowed to own guns because of the fear of a gun owning populace demanding their freedom.

Why are the politicians fearful of the citizens owning guns? Why are there those who today want to take away your right to gun ownership? What kind of tyranny is planned for you?

The right to keep and bear arms was considered by the founding fathers to be an unalienable right of the people. To recognize gun ownership ( the right to protect property and liberty) as an unalienable right means that it was NOT given to the people by the president, congress or a judge. It was not even the constitution that gave us this right. The U. S. Constitution’s, Bill of Rights did not give us rights, it PROTECTED the rights that we as free men and women already possess. Therefore it is a mistake to refer to our rights as Constitutional rights when in reality they are unalienable rights – God given not man given. Deceitful politicians who control the government may try to take credit for it or they may try ( as is happening today) to take it away. Even the federal government, acting through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Internal Revenue service and the Federal Bureau of Investigations is attempting to deprive you of this God Given Right!

The founding fathers believed in he right to keep guns, they used them to establish our freedoms, they were willing to shed the blood of their oppressors. They didn’t desire it. They didn’t wish it. They didn’t want violence, but to secure the “blessings of liberty” they were willing to face it.

A read of actual Klan material shows that the KKK is far more of a “pro-gun” organisation than it works for gun control. Or if it advocates gun control it’s along the lines of the “using both hands” and “hitting your target” kind. And the NRA and other gun rights organisations echo the Klan’s pro-gun rhetoric right down to calling the NRA a “civil rights organisation” as does the Klan.

from Guns and Sheets South Eastern Ohio, KKK

Another pic from Guns and Sheets South Eastern Ohio, KKK

Another pic of the same Klansman with a submachinegun

Personally, I find it an interesting clip and bit of history. It’s something that I am surprised hasn’t shown up on the internet before this post.

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