I have been proven wrong…

Conservative in the US does not mean one is insane or an idiot. The American Conservative is a breath of fresh air for me and it advertises itself as the magazine for “thinking conservatives”. The Tory Anarchist has a wonderful piece on Getting Conservativism Right. Another fun piece is Right wing liberal.

I’m not so sure that “liberals” think they are smarter because of their politics, but because “Conservatives” are portrayed in the media as being the libertarian fringe loonie right. Think of what is portrayed as being “conservative” on talk radio.

A wonderful example of what may be causing this false belief are books such as Ann Coulter’s “How to Argue with Liberals” which “conservatives” take as a guide for arguing with those who disagree with them.

What I particularly like is that this site also decries the neo-con, Libertarian strain that tries to pass itself off as Conservativism

It has make me very concerned that my politics in Europe place me well in the Conservative end of the spectrum, yet in the US: I am considered a liberal. Not that I am in bad company since if one examines the record of Richard Nixon’s administration as president, he comes off as a screaming liberal.

This site is a breath of fresh air where I read sensible comments from people who call themselves conservative rather than rants.

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