Back to reality

While reviewing iPlayer offerings, the Panorama show BP: In deep Water came up.

The deep water thing is something that I have mixed feelings about since I am pro-environment, but I am also British for fucksake! And BP is a British Company: BP=British Petroleum.

And one good thing Maggie Thatcher did was privatise this company or the British taxpayer would be fucked.

But the really amusing thing is watching US politicians kiss BP’s arse! They seem to have forgotten what the Boston Tea Party was really about. It was a protest against the English monopoly (the East India Company) within the tea trade. This British monopoly’s interests were outweighing local (North American Colonial) interests.

Likewise, BP’s interests in drilling oil are overwhelming local interest in the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem.

Of course, like any good monopoly, BP and the petroleum industry have loads of supporters because they see they economic interest being threatened. So, who cares about some birds and fish when I can’t eat anyway? Money is far more important than the environment

I keep pointing out that history is written by the victors, what would be the story of the Boston Tea Party had British economic interests prevailed during the war for American Independence? Would the Bostonians be seen as a bunch of thugs who got what they deserved?

So, I feel for the people and Gulf ecosystem, but that’s a British Company who did it!

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