I finally have had it with the tyranny of the microsoft windows platform and have begun the move to ubuntu.

I have to admit amazement that microsoft could ever place windows in the monopoly position that it is finds itself. First off, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) was a product of Xerox PARC in order to create a more intuitive and user friendly computing experience. The interesting bit is that the Xerox PARC employee who created the GUI had patent/copyright infringement actions (would it be easier to have just said “intellectual property”?) that he could have lodged against microsoft and Apple, but didn’t. Actually, Apple did sue microsoft over this issue (Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, 35 F.3d 1435 (9th Cir. 1994)) . I imagine the world would have been a much different place had this technology been considered open.

Anyway, that’s sort of a digression, but not really, since I believe that both windows and mac “OS” could be made much more intuitive and streamlined if the were open source. First off, windows has way too much crap in it that I don’t want or need since microsoft wants to make you use their products. The frustration level has been growing with me since it seems that every new release of windows infuriates me more and more in how they take away my ability to do what I need to do with my computer. The incident that really pissed me off was that one of my laptops crashed. It was a windows XP based computer, yet the original install disc wouldn’t let me fix (or find out what was wrong with the unit). Newer versions of Windows (i.e., Vista) don’t give me previews of my picture files. And Windows 7 “lite” won’t let you change the background on your computer.

I keep thinking that these adverts where people say how much they love windows feature the local village idiots who wouldn’t know the difference between a computer and a fruit machine. Either that or they are the type of people who admire robber barons such as Bill Gates who have been ripping them off for crappy software (although I am coming to the conclusion that most current software is a rip-off). These are the people who are unaware that they do not have to have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on their computer taking up disk space. Microsoft has been subject to loads of anti-trust litigation, yet somehow seems to still get away with murder.Osborne 1

I don’t really like Apple that much either since they tend to be almost as bad. Apple’s computers are overpriced for what you get and don’t have the software. The only thing Apple does halfway decently is the portable device market (iPOS and iPhone–although I’ve heard the latest iPhone is total crap).

So, given my feelings about the two (one and an eighth?) “big boys” in the computing world, it makes sense that I have had a 20 year flirtation with Unix/Linux to finally settle for Ubuntu. Although, despite my computer expertise, I would still be happy using my original Osborne 1 and CPM.  My only real interest is to be able to do what I want to do as simply as possible, which I find Microsoft is making harder and harder with each iteration of windows.

So, it’s time to move to an operating system that allows me to do that: ubuntu.

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