If yanks are too stupid to do anything about guns…

then you can bet they will do fuck all about their addiction to oil: let alone the fucked up economy. Which is kind of why I haven’t been posting lately

I had finally gotten around to watching the Panorama show BP: In deep Water that I mentioned in this blog post. And you can see here:

Nevermind the Beeb has come out with yet another show about the Deepwater Horizon shit storm since then.

Add in the rather cynical line that BP stands for “Beyond Petroleum”.

I imagine that the US will get around to handling its Oil addiction when they are done with shooting each other. Gun rights are far more important than: education, health care, housing, the economy.

Arm the unemployed!

I’ve been wanting to mention public transit and how it is yet another thing where the US is crap. Not that the US needs to be so far behind the rest of the world. This article at the Huffington post gets into how the US’s PT infrastructure was trashed by the automobile interests. The amusing bit is that the highway infrastructure is now falling apart as part of the means for keeping petrol cheap. There is another interesting twist to this in that infrastructure repair is one of the methods for economic stimulus.

I find it hard to say the US is good at much of anything, other than firearms ownership, when it can’t provide decent health care, education, housing, public transportation, and other quality of living rights. The cities in the US don’t provide for decent nutrition for urban dwellers (think of all the brilliant excuses for this happening).

It’s really pathetic how easily distracted US citizens are from issues of real importance by wedge issues.

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