There ain’t nothing like shagging

When I was living in Baltimore, MD in the late 80s, some of my neighbours were flight attendants for US Air (or whatever it was called in those days) since Baltimore was a hub city, as was some place in the Carolinas.

Thus, I was being entertained by my flight attendant neighbours and a lovely one from the Carolinas made a comment about “shagging”, which is one of those words that gets lost between US and UK English. I won’t debate which culture is more repressed. Shagging, it seems it a type of dance in both cultures. Although, the US term for British shagging is “the horizontal boogie”.

Anyway, I have been reminded of the Tams who had a couple of singles featuring the above title. You have to feel a little sorry for The Tams. Whilst they enjoyed success in the UK with their hits “There Ain’t Nothing Like Shagging” and “My Baby Sure Can Shag” they never figured out that in Britain the word shag is slang for sexual intercourse and that their popularity was largely a result of the innuendo hidden in the title!

My, the Yanks do do it rather strangely.

Yes, indeed there ain’t nothing like shagging–especially when you’re doing it with the one you love!


Posted 17/08/2010 by lacithedog in shagging, US-UK English

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