BBC introduces New iPlayer

Well, it seems that the Beeb is rolling out yet another Beta Version of iPlayer, which I am not sure I want to download. The problem is that I don’t use the “official version” anyway for a bunch of reasons. A major reason being that I am trying to make the switch to Linux, which isn’t supported by iPlayer. A secondary reason is that I prefer to use a media player for watching my TV.

I know that one of the reason that the Beeb is so tight on the iPlayer is that it hopes to fight piracy, which is a losing battle. First off, I have heard that the UK has one of the highest piracy rates, which is something I can’t back up, but also don’t doubt.

For example, I have been watching the BBC’s Norman Season and have been trying to catch all the programmes, but I missed the programme on the Domesday Book. I’m not sure when it stopped being available on iPlayer, but I missed that deadline. IPlayer’s times for being able to “catch up” on a show tend to be a bit capricious (I think it goes until 7 days after the last episode). Whatever, it didn’t take me too long to locate a download for the Domesday Book programme and then download it.

Personally, I wish that the Beeb would open up the iPlayer service and make it a paid service with better rules on downloads. As I pointed out, the Beeb has been trying to make the iPlayer material harder to download, but it is still downloadable. And if you can’t download it otherwise, then you can usually find it available as a torrent.

So, the Beeb could be making money by making iPlayer a subscription service and charging a nominal fee for downloads after the 7 day period. After all, the Beeb is always moaning about money.

It beats trying to sell the DVD for £12.99 (OK, RRP is £19.99)!

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