Gun rights and pataphysics

Pataphysics is defined as “the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments” by its founder Alfred Jarry. It has been further ellaborated as ‘as resting “on the truth of contradictions and exceptions” by the French author Raymond Queneau. It’s relationship to the gun rights movement can best be illustrated by John Lott who has come up with the theory that more guns will result in less crime.

The fact that the United States is the only nation where one finds a concept of “gun rights”, that is the “right” to own an object which when properly used will result in death or serious bodily injury, has the highest amount of mass shootings and firearms injuries!

The answer to the gun problem is amazingly simple when one uses pataphysics: more guns!

The fact that it is admittedly easy for those who are listed as being legally disqualified to own firearms to acquire firearms leads to the truth that rather than making firearms laws more restrictive, one needs to make it easier for them to acquire firearms. We know that these people will get guns anyway, so why bother making it difficult for them to get guns?

That demonstrates the pataphysical truth of the gun rights movement. Gun control, which never has existed in any meaningful form in the US, does not work: therefore, we need to abolish gun control!

Gun rights is self evident when we realise the pataphysical truth of its propositions. That is it rests upon the truth of contradictions and exceptions. It is a science of imaginary solutions to a very real problem, but it is a solution which is not based upon proper logic.

It is based upon pataphysics and pataphysics proves gun control is nonsense! We don’t need to control guns, we need to make them even more out of control!

I’m sure that Alfred Jarry would approve!

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