I keep wishing for a face in the crowd moment…

It’s amusing that the fans of Glenn Beck are cynical about everything except that which affirms their opinions:

I keep hoping for a Face in the Crowd Moment for the demagogues like Glenn Beck. The one where the mike is still on and the public hears what he really thinks of them:
“Oh, if they ever heard the way that psycho really talks…”

At the end of one of Rhodes’s shows, the engineer cuts the microphone and leaves Marcia alone in the control booth while credits roll. Millions of viewers watch their hero Rhodes smiling and chatting amiably with the rest of the cast. In truth, he’s on a vitriolic rant about the stupidity of his audience. Finally ready to rip the mask off of this mega-celebrity, Marcia reverses the volume switch and his words air live. A sequence of television viewers react to Rhodes’s description of them as “idiots, morons, and guinea pigs.”

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