Defending public broadcasting

OK, I have been cruising the topics to find like minded souls and found this post: Defend the BBC.

What I found interesting were:

3 The BBC will fight the Murdoch/Daily Mail assault with tooth and claw by a commitment to public broadcasting.

– This to include a continued investment in BBC online and its news service;

– A continued investment in magazine publishing and other media publishing in BBC Worldwide; and

– Less use of outsourcing of core services.

Of course, Murdoch does what he can to try to destroy public media in whatever market he finds himself. But there is a problem with the media being monopolised by anyone. If one entity controls all information sources, there are no opposing viewpoints so essential to keeping public and scientific debate honest. We profoundly condemn the monopoly of information by the state. But this danger is no less evident if a single business takes over the control of all information in society. Then all information would come from a corporate point of view, silencing the voices of workers, consumers and other citizens who are affected by corporate behavior. Democracy is based on the assumption that opposing viewpoints can be heard. If corporations could somehow eliminate or control populist debate, then we will not have a true democracy.

“if we are not really careful we will find the BBC emasculated. And where public-service broadcasting is emasculated there goes a sense of public and public debates.”


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