This is far to complicated for the tea party crowd to grasp.

One of the great points in libertarianism is that it is so nebulous, but uses phrases such as “freedom”, “liberty”, “rights”, and so forth which are ultimately meaningless. But that’s not my point.

My point came in a comment to this post: Why Income Inequality Leads To Recessionary Conditions which I found via this post. Both posts discuss the Harrod-Domar growth model and how it leads to recessions. The Why Income Inequality Leads To Recessionary Conditions post is far more of a economic explanation than one that the masses can understand (yes, I am an elitist).

The real problem is that the western democracies are run upon MONEY. The US is the worst culprit with its elections costing candidates well into the millions to get their viewpoint across. The US has done a wonderful job of keeping third parties and less wealthy candidates from being able to run; therefore, disenfranchising a fair amount of its population. The “closed” primary where one has to declare their party affiliation before voting is also an unfair voting practise. The ultimate effect is that parties which truly represent the people do not exist in US politics.

Thus, we fail to hear anything about issues regarding equality being addressed in the US elections, which is a solution which has needed to be considered for a long time.


Posted 02/09/2010 by lacithedog in economics, economy, equality, inequality

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