I wouldn’t have paid too much attention to some whack-job septic manic street preacher burning Qu’rans until it came to my attention that the insane preacher is named Terry Jones.

You know, like the member of the Pythons.

Except this fucker isn’t a joke. Well, not in the sense that the Monty Pythons were joking. He’s a sick joke of another sort.

I went to the Guardian to see if the Monty Python Terry Jones had something to say about his whack job eponym in Florida. Unfortunately, I think the Python is remaining mute on this subject for reasons known only to himself. Although, I am sure he would come up with something very appropriate to insane priests burning Qu’rans: especially since he was in the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

For those not in the know, The Spanish Inquisition was originally intended in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of those who converted from Judaism and Islam. This regulation of the faith of the newly converted was intensified after the royal decrees issued in 1492 and 1501 ordering Jews and Muslims to convert or leave. Although the Inquisition was technically forbidden from permanently harming or drawing blood, this still allowed for methods of torture.

Anyone want to bet they burned Qu’rans too?

For whatever reason, the Python’s eponym has decided to really recreate the Spanish Inquisition. Not the Python Sketch version and definely not (intentionally) for laughs.

I think that Americans should be outraged at this activity even though the Constitution’s protections regarding religion do not apply to lunatics who share the same name as a member of Monty Python (or anyone else not acting in a governmental office). This whack job is reflecting badly on ALL Americans.

People should leave the Monty Python imitations to people who are intentionally trying to amuse otherwise the results will not have ANYBODY laughing.

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