Why People Don’t Believe Scientists Even When There Is ‘Consensus’ (via A Thinking Person)

This explains the phenomenon where people accept studies that are poorly supported over those with oodles of support, peer review, etcetera. That is people are more inclined to believe things that fit their worldview. Change requires effort and is uncomfortable, thus people prefer inactivity and status quo.

In the ideal world, people would be logical rather than susceptible to their emotions. Unfortunately, people are more inclined to let their emotions sway them, no matter how irrational that may be.

Why People Don't Believe Scientists Even When There Is 'Consensus' An interesting study, soon to appear in the Journal of Risk Research, by Yale law professor Dan M. Kahan and colleagues, suggests that people tend to disbelieve scientists whose cultural values are different than theirs. I'm not able to determine when this study will be published, but you can find an abstract at this link, and I was able to download a preliminary version of the whole article in PDF by clicking on the link on that page that says " … Read More

via A Thinking Person

Posted 27/09/2010 by lacithedog in logic, persuasion

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