Did Thomas Jefferson use the “N” Word???

Yeah, the dude who wrote “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”, yet still fucked a slave who was 30 years younger than himself after he wrote those words.

Yeah, THAT “N” Word.  The same magic “n” word Mark Fuhrman used to make OJ innocent.

This little musing came about as I was playing my favourite game of historic “what if?”  This Scenario features, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, Abbie Hoffman, and Jerry Rubin–the Revolution for the Hell of It Crew are getting ripped out of their brains.  The 20th Century crew has brought some serious skunk to show Tommy Boy that the shit he is growing…Well, it’s just that…shit.  The 20th Century crew didn’t stop at skunk and has brought a pharmacopeia of mind altering substances.

These dudes are seriously fucked up and having a good time talking about revolution and watering the liberty tree while passing the bong and doing other mind altering substances.

One of them mentions girls: probably Franklin since he’s a lech.

The thought started with Tommy’s response of offering to get some black chicks from the slave quarters.

But would Jefferson have referred to his slaves as blacks?  Or something else??????

Let’s face it, Jefferson’s relationship with Sally Hemmings was far from politically correct.  It was down right sick–a man 30 years older than the woman (girl?).   Depending on how old Sally was when Tommy started banging on her, he could have been a child molester.  Since Sally was Jefferson’s slave, I can’t imagine she had too much of a word about the matter.  There’s even a rumour that Sally was the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife. Even if Sally were over an age of consent, she was still Jefferson’s slave. No matter how you cut it, it sounds as if Jefferson was guilty of rape.

You can’t get much sicker than this scenario with Jefferson and Hemmings’ “relationship”…or can you???

Quite frankly, I have to imagine that if people really examined Thomas Jefferson that they might be ripping down his statues the way people ripped down statues of Lenin, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein. Here is this person who is writing about rights and equality, yet he is raping, possibly molesting, Sally Hemmings. Seriously, what was going on here? How fucking weird was it?

And what did he call Sally when he fucked her?

Cue the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar

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