The “Breda Fallacy” Solution Alternatives

Calling a blog a fallacy seems a bit to me like saying: Everything I’ve ever told you is a lie–including that (i.e. Everything I’ve ever told you is a lie). That makes me curious as to why no one has asked the question “why the Breda Fallacy?” I mean, I see how the gunloons jump on anything they see as falsehood, yet have left alone something with falsehood written right in the title for all this time. You’d think there would be an explanation of the name out there already, but…

Personally, I think the “Breda Fallacy” sounds a bit like a thriller novel (e.g., Robert Ludlum and why I almost called this post the “Breda Solution”) written about the The Dutch War for Independence or 30 Years War and Centring around the Siege of Breda. Can’t really imagine the plot line. But we could have painters such as the Brueghels and the Philosopher Spinoza involved (if he weren’t later in time, although maybe he’s involved as a baby).

There is another Breda which I didn’t pay much attention to: Breda Fucili. The reason for this is that I’d think Breda would make more of this connection if it existed, unless her implication is that Breda Fucili’s products are crap. That might not play with her sponsors if she knocks product. In fact, tying Breda Fucili with falsehood doesn’t seem too bright an idea for a gun blog.  That’s why I haven’t mentioned it until the “final product”.

Anyway, It seems that the Breda Fallacy has nothing to do with logic or rhetoric at least according to my sources on that topic. In other words, there was no joy in that search. I did put the posts up with logic, rhetoric, cognitive, and psychology tags  in the hope someone might offer an explanation, but no joy in that regard.

Although another possibility arose in the search for the Breda Fallacy using my Dutch sources:

Een denkfout, ook wel cognitieve fout of redeneerfout, is een irrationele, foutieve gedachtegang die een negatief zelfbeeld in stand houdt of versterkt.

Here’s my translation:

A fallacy, also called cognitive error or reasoning error, is irrational, faulty logic which maintains or enhances self-esteem.

My error (denkfout) may be that I looked in the wrong disciplines (Logic and Rhetoric) and didn’t consider that the fallacy could be from another discipline (psychology in this case).

The Psychological use of fallacy as something irrational “which maintains or enhances self-esteem” ties in with MikeB and JadeGold’s comments to the first post. Of course, using those two creates an interesting paradox since MikeB and JadeGold are seen as liars, yet my interest is in why call the blog something that can be interpreted as the “Breda Falsehood”?

Although, the fallacy of accident where the exception to the generalization is ignored does sound promising. After all, I can understand not wanting to fit into a group and feeling ignored for it. Although that does fit in with the psychological use of fallacy (maintaining or enhancing self-esteem).

Another possibility is that she is posting things that she finds are untrue and is indeed having a joke on the gunloons. I have researched the gun rights claims and found them to be without base (e.g., “self-defence is a right”).  Breda is a reference librarian, I imagine her research skills are pretty good (this is a figure of speech called litotes), perhaps she came to the same conclusion.  Maybe her game is that she knows that people will accept what fits their beliefs and she is having a laugh at how gullible people can be, even if they are “intelligent”, because they lack critical reasoning skills. As I said in my first post, I am all for her if this is the case.

To be quite honest, my inquiry into this matter doesn’t reflect too well on Breda. I’d love to say she was using a neat intellectual concept as the title of her blog, but the chances of that seem remote. The reason for the blog’s name will be known only to Breda, which is her privilege.

Not that I wouldn’t happily post (or not post) her explanation for the name–whatever that may be.

I would even post a cover story of her choice if the name does refer to deceiving the gunloon crowd.  As I said in my original post, I am very sympathetic to seeing them shown up for being fools.

On the whole, I do have to admit that this has been a fun project.

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