I’m not sure who said it, but it seems that the Beeb did indeed sabotage get_iplayer leaving those of us who don’t like the “official release” ——- (add your fav term for being upset). IPDL is OK, but I am still left frustrated with the Beeb trying to sabotage any attempt for people to circumvent the official iPlayer releases.

But, iPlayer is also annoying as heck as my “official desktop release” is giving me grief that “the latest version of flash” hasn’t been installed. Despite the fact that I have tried to do so 10 times (this is on a computer running vista).

I won’t bother with the Unbuntu based machine: although word it that get_iplayer still works in Linux systems.

I have to admit to wanting to patch in the latest version of RTMPDump. Despite the fact that the original developer of get-iPlayer has stopped supporting the software: others have continued the project. There is the rumour of the prometheus project which would be an update of the original get_iplayer. The prometheus developer has been updating the get_iplayer code as a short term fix.

There is a support group for those who refuse to give up on get_iplayer as well. I believe I am on their mailing list.

The issue here is time. I don’t have the time to mess with trying to fix iPlayer, even if it will result in being able to download hi-def material. Although, it does seem there are people who are still using get_iplayer with acceptable results. Personally, IPDL gives me results that I accept–I would really prefer to have the hi-def results. But, I am happy that I can still access the material and watch it on my regular TV (rather than my computer).

This is an interesting post as well:

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