john barrowman dogs kilt

If you are wondering what “john barrowman dogs kilt” has to do with anything–so do I.

It seems that was the search term which brought someone to this blog. JOhn Barrowman in a kilt

John Barrowman, while I think he’s cute–he’s not my type (Sorry, John!).   Still, I would give anything to catch John in a Panto (He’s doing Aladdin at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow this year). Sorry, John, but you take a second to Stephen Fry’s Cinderella at the Old Vic, which I was able to catch. Still, John in a panto is on my list of things to catch–and hope to some time in the future. Now, if John WROTE and starred in a panto, well, Stephen Fry can take a back seat!

Laci is female and doesn’t wear a kilt, or clothes. Unlike her hairless relatives, she doesn’t need clothing. Well, she does wear coats in wintertime or when it rains, but other than that.

I do wear a kilt. But, I didn’t have a pic of John Barrowman in one: until now.  Here he is!

John is also a dog owner, which is yet another reason to like him. Unfortunately, I can’t (won’t?) come up with a picture of him wearing a kilt with his dog(s).

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