Just when you thought US Politics couldn’t be more bizarre!

Along comes Krystal Ball from Virginia.

And her scandal is that she was at a party where a person (who I believe is her husband) had reindeer horns with a red dildo on his nose and she has on a Santa hat. Let’s just say the party got a wee bit on the kinky side:

For more pics go to Gawker and this story here.

In her own words:

I’ve got to admit that a scandal involving someone named Krystal Ball had me thinking this was a scam, but indeed this was for real.

I also have to agree with her that people should look at personal qualifications rather than stupid things they did when they were younger. But, this is rather funny.

And you’d think that someone named Krystal Ball would have been able to have seen this coming.


Posted 10/10/2010 by lacithedog in US Election, US Elections, US politics

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