Mistaken beliefs about Islam

I have become familiar with someone whom I shall call the Botox Bandit rather than her actual name. Mostly because Botox Bandit is the best thing to call this deluded ____. Any more facelifts and she’ll have a beard. But what got this going was that the Botox Bandit was talking about how offended she was that Christian and Jewish prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Isaac, John the Baptist, and Jesus were Islamic prophets.

She was really offended and her cohort who looks like Osama Bin Laden in western garb was also upset about this. I’m sorry, but someone should mistake her and the other idiot for Arabs: preferably one of the racists bastards she hangs around.

But the Botox Bandit who needs a history lesson (look up USS Liberty, cunt!) isn’t my point here.

I am curious as to whether people like the Botox Bandit realise that Islam (like Christianity) is based upon the Jewish religion? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to someone who knows anything about Islam that the prophets in the Old Testament as well as John the Baptist and Jesus are Islamic prophets? Not to mention how much culture would have been lost to the West if it weren’t for Islam. I’m sure my Muslim readers can add a few more misconceptions; actually, the Botox Bandit is a wealth of them and they are refuted here and here.

The problem is that watching the Botox Bandit attack Islam with the help of her Bloc Identitaire, the Neo-Nazi Vlaams Belang, English Defense League, and other anti-semitic buddies (Sorry, BB but Arabs are semites too! But not all Muslims are Arabs) makes me want to scream at how ignorant she is. I could see BB in 1920s Germany saying “Oh, that Mr. Hitler doesn’t mean all the things he says about Jews.” Or maybe she would be one of the Zionist Collaborators with the Nazis. After all, she is one now in ignorance to the Holocaust. Well, as Adolf Eichmann said:

“[H]ad I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable.”—A. Eichmann, “Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story”, Life Magazine, Volume 49, Number 22, (28 November 1960), pp. 19-25, 101-112; at 22.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at ignorant people such as the Botox Bandit spewing hate and ignorance, but it does surprise me that someone who comes from a persecuted faith is so happy to persecute.

Never again, my arse.

So, I ask for my Islamic readers to weigh in on what sort of stupidity they hear from the infidels (of which I am one). I ask that they should realise that the people who spew the hatred come from a hateful and ignorant place.

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