Change the Date to the Coming US election and this is quite appropriate!

I posted the above image from White Rabbit in yesterday’s Beau Bo D’or post where I pointed out that the Tea Party is basically a Fox News creation. And Fox News is a part of Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp empire.


It seems that Newscorp is having problems with its political donations in the US. It amazes me that US citizens are as ignorant of who runs their political system as this quote from the Guardian article points out:

In the run-up to the last presidential election in 2008, Murdoch backed Democrat candidates, shifting his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. He has since thrown his support firmly behind Obama’s Republican opponents.

Litvack added: “While it is perfectly reasonable for companies to engage in policy debate on specific matters that affect their business, there needs to be a clear and transparent process to ensure that such activities serve the interests of shareholders. There is no evidence of a political contributions policy or process at News Corp.”

So, maybe those Tea Partiers should be rising up against big business that makes them puppets on a string.

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