The Gat Air Pistol

I’ve been wanting to post a blog about this air pistol.
The Gat Air Pistol
The Gat Air Pistol was sold over the counter when I was young, and I see remember seeing it in the Exeter Market back in the Early 90s. Nevermind that it isn’t that powerful (although it was the murder weapon in an episode of Dalziell and Pascoe, which stretched credibility). As one review put it:

I can understand the love of these pistols for nostalgic reasons, but practically they are quite useless for anything other than what the Americans call plinking, and are of no use for training in shooting due to the dissapointing and unpredictable results from each shot. Having said that, I do actually own one in mint condition which is retired to a showcase along with other british made pistols of the same vintage. To sum up, ugly, useless but a little nostalgic STAR if you are the right age!

It seems that recent tightening of restrictions regarding airguns hasn’t taken them off the market. They are ridiculously expensive though (£21.99). I’d rather have my webley tempest or umarex knock-off than these things, but they are an interesting footnote in gun politics.


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