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I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that my strange cult BBC posts get loads of attention.

My post on the mystery Postcode TL3 8RZ gave me the most views in a day! This was due to people trying to figure out where TL3 8RZ would be located. Even though its fellow post where I mentioned the location of TL3, Ha Tinh in Vietnam, didn’t receive as much attention.

I seem to have a unique monopoly on TL3 8RZ.

My one on Michael Portillo’s Bradshaw’s Railway Guides is a real fav too. This is because I’ve located a copy of the book Michael Portillo used. Railway fans tend to push that one’s ratings way up. My search rating on that one is above the store where Portillo bought his guide!

iPlayer is another one that gets a lot of attention along with useful and interesting comments. I was really happy with FAN’s comment about the updated get_iplayer. It’s not perfect, but its results are much better than IPDL!


Posted 16/10/2010 by lacithedog in BBC, BBC iplayer, comments, get_iplayer, Tl3 8RZ

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