Annoying comments and people

I grabbed this image from White Rabbit since there are loads of gun loons who want to leave inane comments and get all pouty that I am not interested in their crap.

Meanwhile over at MikeB’s, Ruffy is misinterpreting the  rise in traffic at this particular post with all sorts of wild accusations.  He has access to the IP addresses of the visitors and is making guesses as to who “outed” Weer’d Beard.  I guess it is no longer a “secret” that his name is Andrew Scott Johnston, which means that I am not the one to have outed him in this post.  That outing happened here

If anything, Ruffy, confirmed any suspicions that Weer’d Beard’s real name is Andrew Scott Johnston.  The fact that Weer’d’s secret identity was out there might also be another possibility for the interest in the post.  Ruffy’s confirming it and subsequent pathetic and futile attempts to identify the poster of that information made for interest in the post.

Ruffy, if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.

Posted 21/10/2010 by lacithedog in gun cretins, gun loons, Weer'd Beard

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