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I have to admit a fear of the trend of privatisation in the US and UK, but something came to my attention via Daisydeadhead that reminded me of this sketch from A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Privatization of the Police Force.

To quote Lisa:

Therefore services are reduced, become fee for service or go away altogether.

People who think we can have nice, safe, clean communities with good educational systems, and up to date infrastructure without having to pay the taxes to support it are simply idiotic. Someone has to pay for it. That’s why we have the common good and the tax structure. We all contribute and if we don’t, our houses may not burn to the ground, but the taxing body has some kind of legal way of getting the money from you.

Being opposed to the common good and the taxes that support it seems just fine until your house is on fire or you get hit with a bunch of new fees (shifted from taxes to fees) when you go to renew your license plate or your kids are now in classes with thirty kids or more or you flatten your tire because the road debris on I75 is left to lay because budget cuts mean road maintenance has been reduced to next to nothing.

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