Colin Goddard, Virginia Tech Survivor, on the Oprah Show this Monday

It seems that Colin is going to be on the Oprah Show this Monday, which is something I would love to see.  Unfortunately, I can’t set the VCR or DVR since it’s out of my reception area.

I would love to see somebody who says:

“I will always believe I was in the right place at the right time in class at 9:00 am. And despite the horror, I survived as one of the luckier ones.

For the 32 Hokies who were lost that day, and for the 32 Americans who are lost everyday to gun murders, I’ve decided to devote this time in my life to making a difference, so their memories might be honored and the damage to our society lessened.

Many people say we can’t or shouldn’t improve the gun laws in this country. I’m part of the next generation, I reject that premise, and I say we can and should do better.

The last sentence gives me hope for the future in the US.

Anyway, I hope I can catch this sometime in the future.

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