Blogging NPR’s drift toward the right

It’s nice to have one’s suspicions confirmed and between the blogs Keeping the Public in Public Radio and a new one I found, NPR Check, it seems that my suspicions are more than confirmed.  The right has had a grudge against public broadcasting since its inception, but it has become painfully obvious with Juan Williams’ defection from NPR to Fox and subsequent howling from the likes of Sarah Palin.

Far from being a true public broadcasting medium, US “public broadcasting” has been hobbled with the need for corporate underwriting.  That is just a fancy term for commercials.  While these commercials posing as “underwriting” aren’t as obnoxious as “normal” commercials, they still represent corporate control over the content of Public Broadcasting.   That makes them far more insidious than the obnoxious jingles (actually, advertising as an art form can be interesting, but…).

There is another blog in the NPR watch crew

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