The writing is on the wall…

Despite my reputation as being a technology whiz, I tend to not jump on the bandwagon for every new gizmo that comes on the market.  For example, I stood by Betamax well after that format was termed officially dead.  I refuse to get on the Blu-Ray bandwagon preferring upconverting DVD players.  And I love my Palm E2 enough to refuse to replace it with anything else.

Not that the propect of having to replace it isn’t looming quite glaringly in the face.  I bought the E2 to replace my m515 because the E2 is easier to read and has a much longer battery life.  On the other hand, the E2’s digitiser is notorious for being wonky which is truly annoying when you need to add a diary entry whilst standing next to a deranged and violent criminal client.  Seriously, it’s hard to be prepared to jab the stylus in a sensitive body part if you are trying to get the effing thing to let you input his next court date.

But the real annoyance is when the desktop eats your diary information for the last six months whilst trying to synch the thing.  The backup on the palm is horrid and one needs to manually reconstruct that information.  The latest cause was the synch cord, which has been run over hundreds of times by my chair at the office.  I believe the input socket on the palm was also a bit grotty.  Blowing out whatever was in the socket got the bugger to finally sync.

The upshot of this is I know that something has to replace the E2, but what.  This is a problem which troubles the mass of the Palm addicted world.  Well, not really addicted, but I don’t want or need something which is a telephone, web browser, and so forth.  I just want a datebook, address book, something for notes, and most importantly the games necessary to while away the time I’m sitting being bored in court waiting for my case to be called.  The Kindle would be super if it had datebook capability, but it doesn’t.

The main reason for my having this blog is to be able to hear from people who share an interest in topics such as this: such as this post from Jumptuck.  The problem again is that most of us die-hard plam users DON’T want Blackberries or iPhones: even if the office will pay for the thing.  The phone alternatives are just way more than I want: especially when browser phones tend to rack up the cellphone bills.  That’s the whole idea is to make you SPEND more.

As I said, the writing is on the wall that I will need to replace this thing, but the question is with what?


Posted 25/10/2010 by lacithedog in Palm E2, technology

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